Utilisation Plan for Scientific Achievements

Development of various levels of research cooperation

  • Maintaining and expanding strategic cooperation with domestic research facilities, university, academy, industrial and other research institutes, groups and alumni organizations. 
  • Strengthening domestic and international cooperation and industrial relations by improving the culture and efficiency of consortium and bilateral cooperation, by creating utilizable common knowledge and intellectual products.
  • Establishment of domestic, regional and international institutional cooperation: strategic partnerships supporting technology and knowledge transfer.

Program for intellectual property management, utilization, technology transfer (TT) services 

  • Modernisation of relevant regulation and establishment of involvement. Using education, training from both internal and external expert services: minimizing the risks of application and reservation: supporting management decisions: establishing spin-off ventures. 
  • Domestic and international dissemination of achievements: RD activities of tools and innovation potential: communicating the achievements describing the efficiency of the activity.