Faculty of Natural Sciences (TTK)

The Faculty of Natural Sciences trains and undertakes internationally distinguished research in the areas of Physics (Institute of Physics), Mathematics (Institute of Mathematics), Nuclear Techniques (Institute of Nuclear Techniques) and Cognitive Sciences (Department of Cognitive Science). 

Our primary task is the teaching of Mathematics and Physics – continuously modernising the syllabus (e.g. by using digital learning materials), aligning it to the requirements (e.g. catch-up courses, talent care) – of the technical and economic courses of BME.

The bachelor training (Mathematics, Physics), master courses (Physics, Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, Cognitive Studies), and doctorate schools (Physics, Mathematics and Computer Science, Psychology-Cognitive Science) of TTK are seen as nationally outstanding.

The themes of the Nanophysics, Nanotechnology and Materials Science projects, originated by TTK in the BME university research programme, will be the main priority areas of faculty researches in the upcoming period. We are endeavouring to create a similar priority theme in the Stochastics and its applications field. Both these and other themes provide the opportunity to bring our Faculty researchers closer to the activities of other (national and foreign) partners. The participation of our Faculty in the Sustainable energy, Biotechnology, Health and Environment Protection, and the Intelligence Environment and E-technologies project implementations serves the cooperation between the BME faculties. At the Faculty of Natural Sciences a number of other areas perform internationally outstanding research (algebra, algorithm theory, nonlinear processes, financial analyses, cognitive neuroscience, nuclear energetics, nuclear techniques, applied optics, etc.), which we intend to continue to support and develop.

The training and research reactor - a nationally unique facility of TTK - is currently undergoing renovation and modernization. This will enable the high level implementation of researches and specialist training necessary for the extension of service life of the Paks Nuclear Power Plant.

Using the opportunities offered by calls for applications, we intend to develop significant research opportunities for post-doctorates, and to constantly strive to attract the very best people to undertake this work. 

We consider it an equally important task to develop and to maintain good relationships with our industrial partners.