Faculty of Economic and Social Sciences (GTK)

The Faculty was established during the organisational restructuring of the University in 1998. By taking this step, BME returned to its historical traditions and the József Nádor Technical and Economic Science University assumed the fundamental task of high level training of its economists.

Among its past Rectors we find Farkas Heller, the internationally renowned professor of economics. The establishment of GTK created the conditions for satisfying the needs and expectations of the labour market aligned to the volatile requirements of modern economy that equally expects the technical, economic, managerial, communication and social science knowledge.  

The key task of GTK it is to teach economics, management and business economics and business law as obligatory subjects.  Whilst social science courses are elective there is a need to ensure foreign language training for University students as well as physical education to preserve and improve their health. The Faculty provides 6 bachelor, 13 master and several specialised further training courses in the areas of economic science and social science. In Autumn 2010, 1,420 new students commenced their studies at the Faculty which has in total approximately 6400 students. In the two Doctorate Schools managed by the Faculty, 63 persons are studying for doctorates. The scholarly students' circle activity is also outstanding. 

Our quality system is operated on the basis of the total quality management (TQM) philosophy. We regularly analyse the needs and satisfaction of our ‘customers’ (secondary schools, our students, employers). We attribute decisive role to Student Evaluation of Education (Oktatás Hallgatói Véleményezése). In our view, tertiary education is interpreted as a service offered on domestic and international knowledge markets, therefore only continuous development supported by a TQM management climate can establish the conditions for the successful operation of the Faculty. 

Based on the attitude of researchers at the University of BME, our Faculty intends to become an esteemed partner to both industry and to other important institutions in the future. We also wish to preserve our pole position in the professional ranking of domestic economic science education. The continuously internationally recognized research achievements of our colleagues ensures that this growth will continue. The list of researches carried out during the period 2008-2010 demonstrating the intellectual knowledge asset portfolio of the Faculty can be viewed on our website.