Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Informatics (VIK)

The mission of VIK is to become an internationally renowned educational and research centre in Hungary in the areas of electrical engineering and applied informatics. By continually developing our syllabus, our intensive research activity and the modernisation of our infrastructure, VIK intends to ensure that the diplomas and doctoral degrees awarded should be acknowledged as being highly prestigious qualifications both at home and abroad. 

VIK also intends to achieve a double purpose from the implementation of the university research programme: 

  1. to enhance research effectiveness by focusing its existing capabilities in strategic areas by harmonizing them with the activities of other faculties. 
  2. to boost the development of those areas that are expected to play increasing roles in the future. 

The means by which we can achieve these aims include the deliberate development of human resources; giving priority support to the development of talent; the improvement of research cooperation with students; the acceleration of infrastructural development; the monitoring of research-development project efficiency whilst supporting and accelerating transfer processes.

The strategy of VIK focuses on intelligent environment and e-technologies, in both basic and applied research and in redefining the man-machine relationship. The development of network applications, data transmission technologies, research into virtual worlds, intelligent systems and many other areas all serve this purpose. These researches naturally play a significant role in other priority research areas of BME, namely transport, vehicle technology and logistics systems, environmentally conscious energetics, the development of health technologies and material technologies.  

VIK strives to assist the activity and development in all strategic educational and research areas alongside its own achievements. It also primarily supports those projects in the university research programme that will assist fellow faculty research. We attach key importance to the e-technology issues of energetics, transport and health areas, and provide significant support to the accelerated development of the nanotechnology domain. The implementation of BME’s full university research programme is coordinated by the Federated Innovation and Knowledge Center of VIK. 

The development of network cooperation with our academic partners (Semmelweis University, Óbuda University, ELTE, Corvinus, Pannon University, University of Szeged,  research institute SZTAKI, etc.) and our industrial partners (Microsoft, Ericsson, Nokia, Samsung, E.ON, ELMÜ, MAVIR, etc.) is an organic element of the VIK strategy. We seek to make comprehensive agreements and to agree on the harmonization of our activities. We wish to avoid duplication and ‘ivory tower’ researches. Professional and representative organisations are important partners of the Faculty (MVSZ, IVSZ, I2F, etc.) as are technology platforms (Artemis, Nessi, etc.) and cluster organizations.