Faculty of Transportation Engineering (KSK)

The mission of the Faculty of Transportation Engineering is to be the scientific workshop for all the technical, logistical, organizational and economic areas related to the transport process and vehicles which are an integral part of the system. All these areas are the basis for research activity based education at undergraduate and doctorate level. Within this framework, the Faculty can ensure the renewal and versatility, the development and practical utilization of the knowledge necessary for the development of society.

It is a cornerstone of the Faculty’s mission that it undertakes a level of scientific activity which is recognized both at the home country and internationally. Alongside this activity, the Faculty is also involved in research and development, offering expertise and consultation to transport and vehicle industry companies, the logistics services sector and to industrial policy makers. We are also open to multilateral domestic and international scientific and professional cooperation. To achieve this, the Faculty maintains active relationships with key European tertiary education institutions in similar areas of training and encourages the versatile mobility of lecturers, researchers and students, and the establishment and development of their personal/professional relationships. The Faculty regards the provision for doctoral training in its area of expertise as one of its missions.  

The Faculty implements research and development programmes by which it can provide new knowledge and development results which can be directly utilized by transport and vehicle industry companies and the logistics services sector.

Medium term cooperation with companies directly interested in research, development and innovation is equally important. The involvement of these companies in longer term research projects, the joint planning of appropriate research directions and communicating the latest international scientific knowledge and technological developments to the industry is also essential. 

As the national knowledge centre of transportation engineering, vehicle engineering and logistics engineering, it is the mission of the Faculty to be continuously at the disposal of industry with its professional expertise and knowledge and to bring about fast and efficient solutions to industrial problems requiring a deeper professional expertise than is the norm.