Human Resources Development Strategy

Program for retaining and developing scientific performance/potential

  • Retaining and developing the culture of values and value creation: recognition of utilizable knowledge: innovation and industrial development: the creation of intellectual and material products. 
  • Appropriate professional leadership: the operation of professional communities/science schools: clarification of faculty and department competences: setting priorities: demanding project operation. 
  • Ensuring conditions for scholarly advancement: development of a lecturer and researcher career model program for retaining outstanding lecturers and researchers.
  • Maintaining interest in results: Institutional and organisational unit level review of current researcher incentive systems: the regulation of intra-institutional utilization of research achievements: the development of support activities. 
  • Development of researcher mobility: university employment of industrial research-developers: prize winning Hungarian (and non-Hungarian) notable persons working in related fields in other countries.

Complex program for the care of talent and education of a new generation of researchers

  • Participation in broadening social knowledge and developing environmentally conscious thinking. 
  • Supporting the preparation and orientation of students who are looking at further education: the organization of professional competitions and the nurturing of talent. 
  • Ensuring the further development of talented students: improvements to working conditions and developing an understanding and appreciation of students’ scholarly circle activities: organizing professional/schools competitions: strengthening the involvement of students into special courses and RDI activities. 
  • Improvement of PhD education: the lecturer/researcher career model: preventing the best students and researchers at the university from changing careers: candidate and postdoctoral employment: transforming human resources policy to one that is quality driven.
  • Involvement in student/researcher exchanges of experienced Ph.D. students in international research cooperation: organisation of international Ph.D. courses: improvements to student and researcher mobility by prioritizing motivations for returning.