Faculty of Chemical Technology and Biotechnology (VBK)

The mission of BME VBK is to educate engineers according the highest standards in the fields of chemistry, chemical engineering, bioengineering and environmental engineering, and to this end internationally competitive research is of basic importance. 

The strategic research areas were selected on the long standing research traditions of BME VBK fitting nicely to the University research program. In this research strategy the synergism of basic research and applied research and development is a central issue, resulting in the use of the most up to date ideas in the applied research, and also stimulating directly people working in the basic research. Accordingly, the key areas in the basic research are at the fields of bioinformatics and releted research areas using intelligent e-technologies, in the development of biocatalytical processes and bioanalytical methods In the latter area nanotechnological approach is often used, pinpointing the importance of this research direction. The results from these research areas can directly be used in different biotechnologies and processes in the agriculture, food industry and pharmaceutical industry, and can result in environmentally conscious „green” methods. Contribution to the sustainable energy consumption is conceivable and the use of the results in the reduction of the effects of occasional environmental damages is also a possibility. 

The research in these areas can only be realized together with our traditionally cooperating industrial partners such as pharmaceutical firms, giving the direct possibility for the utilization of our results.