Faculty of Architecture (ÉPK)

Architecture is creative work straddling the border between both the artistic and engineering activities. The strength of traditional architect education lies in defining the balance between the two sides. This duality distinguishes the University architect diploma from other forms of diplomas and makes it unique in the academic world. The EU was the first to acknowledge and recognize the BME architectural engineering diploma without imposing any additional restrictions. 

The works of the architects lecturing at our Faculty are of significant importance in contemporary Hungarian architecture. Among our professors there are four Kossuth prize holders, three members of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and a number of Ybl prize holders. Our engineering lecturers have also contributed to numerous technological developments and scientific achievements, e.g. the inventors of ‘Gömböc’ are professors at our Faculty. 

An unrivalled feature of the Faculty is that its education and research activities cover the full spectrum of building activity from regional planning, settlement planning, real estate development to the planning of buildings (including the development and measurement of building structures),  the organization and management of construction and the protection and restoration of historic buildings. Our research and development activities are well supported by our infrastructure, building acoustics and thermal physics laboratories. 

On the basis of its traditions and intellectual potential, the Faculty maintains good professional relationships with similar domestic and foreign institutions. It frequently takes part in international programs and calls for proposals, and constantly strives to createcloser connections with other relevant professional organizations.

In the coming years, the university research program will be the centerpiece of scientific research and creative activity. In the areas of sustainability, environmentally-conscious awareness and the design of low energy consumption buildings, all departments of the Faculty are committed to continuous and joint research work. Within the BME university research program, the Faculty is undertaking directresearch tasks in the ‘Sustainable energetics’ and ‘Intelligent environment and e-technologies’ projects. The improvement of our laboratories is also included within the frame of the program. We cover all the activities involved in construction, from settlementplanning to the placement of the last nail!