Research at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics, another long-standing tradition, is highly encouraged and is present on all levels from the B.Sc. through to the doctoral level. The research is both individual and co-operative, scientific and industrial, national and international. 

During the 1980's the Budapest University of Technology and Economics was among the first in the "Eastern block" to recognise the importance of participating in research activities with institutions of higher education in Western Europe. Consequently, the Budapest University of Technology and Economics has some well-established research relationships with Western European universities. Proposals are also being initiated for national and international co-operation with other types of institutions and other researchers. 

As the results of the high level researches at the University, our professors are selected as members of the editorial boards of international journals with high reputation and some of them having the editor-inchief position. Furthermore the University supports research as the publisher of the different Volumes of the Periodica Polytechnica. It publishes seven separate international scientific journals and a Technical Report series covering the following sciences: architecture, chemical engineering, civil engineering, electrical engineering and informatics, mechanical engineering, social and management sciences as well as transportation engineering. They were established more than three decades ago and due to the technical level of the papers these journals have been internationally recognized (indexed and references are in Scopus). 

Recognising that doctoral work demands solutions to technological problems as well as the clarification of research queries, the university fosters an extensive series of long established relationships with various branches of industry. 

Researchers at the university also are engaged in basic research projects supported by the National Scientific Research Fund. This research activity has resulted in several patents, and some of the softwares developed at the university have gained international recognition.



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